The SCHOOL of ECONOMICS, ADMINISTRATION and PUBLIC POLICY (SEAPP) seeks to provide students and those in the public service field with skills, knowledge, and analytical tools in public administration, public policy and development economy; including policy-making and analysis, governance, administrative development, and the management of non-governmental organizations. This allows graduates to complete their higher studies, as well as their contribution to improve the services needed in their communities, and encourage them to consider social and economic phenomena with an academic and professional vision, with the focus on preparing them to make original and ethical intellectual contributions to the study of economic and administrative behavior. In addition, SEAPP offers  the students interacting within cultural diversity, and communicating effectively in an environment multicultural work.

The school offers Masters in Public Administration (MPA), Masters in Public Policy (MPP) and Masters in Development Economics (MDE), as well as Executive Masters in Public Administration (EMPA). SEAPP has expanded its programs to include the Double Executive Masters in Public Administration and Business Administration (MBA - EMPA), in partnership with the European Institute of Management and Technology in Berlin; and the Executive Master in Diplomatic Studies and International Cooperation.