The School of Public Administration and Development Economics is keen to reach out to graduates across the Communications Media scene and encourage a relationship with the School. We are also keen to keep track of developments concerning the numbers and proportions of graduates working in different sectors (governmental, non-governmental, or entrepreneurial) and the proportion of those seeking employment, those who wish to continue post-graduate studies, and those who have been accepted by programs at international universities. We also invite feedback from graduates on the development of their professional or academic circumstances. This forms a key basis for developing our intellectual and academic orientation towards labor market demand.

National or central government in the same country as the program5%25%
State, provincial or regional government in the same country as the program53%
City, County, or other local government in the same country as the program
Government (all levels) or international quasi-governmental10%
Nonprofit domestic-oriented5%  20%13%
Nonprofit/NGOs internationally-oriented
Private Sector - Research/Consulting
Private Sector but not research/ consulting
Obtaining further education/Ph.D. or other Grad Degree010%25%

Military Service
Unemployed (not seeking employment)
Unemployed (seeking employment)5%25%
Status Unknown16%30%13%