​The Executive Education Excellence Center (EEEC) operates with a mandate to support governmental organizations in enhancing the provision of the public goods and services in the Arab world in general and in Qatar in particular. The EEEC strives to contribute to the creation of a renewed Arab public sector culture that challenges bureaucracy and organizational stagnation; encourages innovation and individual contributions; and fosters change management to respond to societal and economic needs, overall development and the high rate of growth of the region.

The EEEC provides public servants and executive staff of NGOs and nonprofit organizations with the managerial, organizational, strategic, and leadership competencies necessary to strengthen their individual and organizations' capacities. Moreover, the EEEC assists policy makers and leaders to develop their knowledge, vision, and capability to recognize opportunities and overcome challenges in their dynamic and changing work environment. 

A range of training services are offered at the EEEC that lead to obtaining certificates in administrative leadership and a graduate certificate in executive leadership, in which the latter may lead distinguished trainees to join the Executive Master of Public Administration program.

In addition, the EEEC provides professional and dedicated consultation services through its extensive network of international experts.  This tailor-made consultation service is aimed at formulating creative solutions to organizational problems while taking advantage of potential economic opportunities.  ​