The MA in Human Rights is a two-year master's degree that offers students the opportunity to engage with a wide range of subjects including: rights, international law, critical approaches to rights, third world critiques of international law, human rights in Islamic law, human rights in the Arab World, human rights in Palestine, and comparative constitutional law. Each module of the program aims to develop the students' abilities to apply the knowledge and insights gained about human rights in a variety of contexts. This will be delivered through a range of teaching methods (including role-play simulations, case-study analysis, joint practitioner and academic-led seminars and lectures, and special guest workshops and student research and presentations).

The primary goals of the program include:

1. To provide students with a high-quality education concerning different themes in human rights.

2. To equip graduates with the necessary analytical skills to engage in basic research and apply it to solve a range of debates and dilemmas and examine existing gaps in knowledge.

3. To enhance the quality and increase the quantity of reflective human rights-minded scholars in the region.

4. To contextualize human rights, historically and politically, in order to address the challenges and issues that exist in the Arab region, and work toward establishing critical and suitable theories, explanations and policies.

5. To prepare graduates to assume careers relevant to human rights, and/or to pursue doctoral training in human rights or related professions/academic disciplines.