Talal Abdel Karim Al-Qdah
Associate Professor

​Talal Abdel Karim Al-Qdah is currently an Associate Professor at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. He was the Head of social work department at the University of Jordan and the Director of Community Development Center at the University and has been so since the completion of  his PhD Degree in Sociology at University of Jordan in 2013 and his Master's Degree in Social Work at McGill University in 2002 and his Master degree in Advocacy in 2010 .  In addition to his role as the Centre Director, Al-Qdah is an Associated Professor in the Social Work department at Jordan University, teaching Masters and BA levels.

Prior to joining the McGill Middle East Program for civil society and peace building, Dr Talal spent 20 years working in the field of social development.  His experience with the Ministry of Social Development has encompassed fieldwork, training and even the managerial side of social development.

Research Interests

Social polices, Refugees, Empowerment and advocacy, Family issues, Medical social work, Community organizing 

Teaching interests

Introduction to social work, community organization, community development and human rights, social theories, Empowerment and Advocacy in social work, Professional intervention in social work, Social Policy and Planning. 

Taught courses

Community organizing, Human rights and advocacy in social work, Introduction to social work, Medical social work, Policy and planning in social work, Research methods, Social work and volunteerism, Youth and social work, Field placement training.


Advanced research in social work, Community organizing, Social work polices and planning, Social work theories, Social work with displacement and refugees. 

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Email: talqdah@dohainstitute.edu.qa 

Tel: +974 40356816

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Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

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