Mahasin Saleh
Associate Professor

Dr. Mahasin Saleh, Ph.D., MSW, FHEA, Associate Professor at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, is an international scholar who has worked in full-time academic posts in 4 countries, including the USA, Palestine, England, and Qatar. She has a range of research, social work practice, teaching, and leadership experience. She is the author of and the Lead Principal Investigator of the national research study: "Delivering Multiple Perspectives: First-time Fathers' Involvement in Pregnancy and Childbirth in Qatar”, funded by the Qatar National Research Fund and Doha International Family Institute (OSRA5).

Dr. Saleh is an award-winning University educator who is passionate about educating the next generation of social workers in both practice and research. Her research focuses on the intersections of fatherhood, child welfare, and diversity, and emerging areas include Arab Intergenerational Family Storytelling and Arab Family History. Dr. Saleh has served both as a US Fulbright Scholar and US Fulbright Specialist in Palestine, where she helped establish Bethlehem University's Master of Social Work Program. 

Some of her leadership experience includes working as the Founding Program Director of the Texas Woman's-University of Texas Joint Master of Social Work Program, the Principal Investigator and Lead Evaluator of the Nevada Training Partnership for Child Welfare, the Lead Social Work Curriculum Expert for the US Center for Disease Control's Frontier Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Regional Training Center, and the Post-Qualifying Program Director at University of Bradford (UK). Dr. Saleh is also serving in her second appointed term on the Commission on Global Social Work Education for the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). As a Commissioner, she established and leads the International Social Work Leader Review project. Dr. Saleh has extensive experience in curriculum development, training social workers, and supervising student research.  


Ph.D.  Social Work, University of Houston

Research Interests
Fatherhood, Parenting, Child Welfare, Diversity, Evaluation of Pedagogical Interventions and Training, Palestinian Family History, and Intergenerational Family Story Telling

Her research and scholarship include the intersections of fatherhood/parenting, child welfare, and diversity. Some of her recent research includes a Case Study of Developing a Joint Collaborative MSW Program; the Experiences of Palestinian Children Visiting their Fathers in Israeli Detention; Stress, Coping, and Support of Palestinian Parents with Children with Disabilities; Psychosocial Support and Coping of British Minority Parents with Children with Down Syndrome; and Evaluation of Training for Social workers about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (with a focus on pregnant women) (USA and England).

Selected Funded Research Projects
Lead Principal Investigator, Qatar National Research Fund OSRA5 Lead Principal Investigator, “Delivering Multiple Perspectives: First-time Fathers’ Involvement in Pregnancy and Childbirth in Qatar”

Teaching Interests:
Research Methods, Qualitative Research, Field Practicum, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Social Work Administration and Management, Communication Skills, Program Evaluation

Courses Taught at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies:
Social Work In Mental Health Settings
Program Evaluation
Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Advanced Human Behavior in the Social Environment
MSW Capstone Supervision
Field Training Faculty Liaison
Field Training “Innovative International Virtual Field Training during Covid” (Dr. Saleh developed and led the training)

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