Bassel F. Salloukh
Associate Dean, Associate Professor and Head of Program

​Bassel F. Salloukh is Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Political Science and Head of the Politics and International Relations Program at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. He obtained both his MA and PhD (Honour List) in Political Science from McGill University, Canada, and his Honours BA (Summa Cum Laude) in Political Science from McMaster University, Canada. His main fields of specialization include Comparative Politics (Global South and Middle East), Political Theory (Public Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Reconciliation and Interculturalism), and International Relations (Middle East IR). His current research focuses on a critique of power-sharing arrangements in post-colonial and postwar states, and the political economy of Lebanon's postwar collapse.

Salloukh has co-authored and co-edited four books: The Politics of Sectarianism in Postwar Lebanon (Pluto Press, 2015), Beyond the Arab Spring: Authoritarianism and Democratization in the Arab World (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2012), Mapping the Political Landscape: An Introduction to Political Science, 2nd edition (Nelson Publishers, 2007), and Persistent Permeability: Regionalism, Localism, and Globalization in the Middle East (Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2004). His journal articles have appeared in a range of academic outlets including PS: Political Science and Politics, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, International Journal of Middle East Studies (IJMES), International Studies Perspectives, Canadian Journal of Political Science, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Middle East Critique, Middle East Policy, Middle East Report (MERIP), The International Spectator, and Middle East Law and Governance. Salloukh has also published numerous op-eds in policy journals, media outlets, and academic blogs targeting a broader audience, including in Foreign Affairs, Washington Post's  Monkey Cage, POMEPS, The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), Executive Magazine, The New Arab, openDemocracy, SEPAD, and Middle East Institute. He is featured in a number of podcasts.

Salloukh served as consultant to a number of international organizations and private entities, including Management Systems International, The Westminster Foundation, International Alert, and UN-ESCWA. He is a member of the Arab Political Science Network's (APSN) Advisory Committee, a member of Middle East Law and Governance Advisory Board, a member of the Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS) Steering Committee, and a member of the American Political Science Association (APSA) MENA Politics Section's Workshops Planning Committee. Salloukh is also Senior Fellow at the Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies (LCPS), Fellow of the Sectarianism, Proxies & De-Sectarianisation Project at the Richardson Institute at Lancaster University, and Senior Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Interuniversity Consortium for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (ICAMES), McGill University. 


Ph.D., McGill University

MA, McGill University

Hon. BA, McMaster University


Arabic, English, French

Middle East Comparative Politics, Middle East IR, postwar power-sharing, ethnic conflict and reconciliation, identity politics.

Selected Research Projects:

2020-2021: PI, Lebanese American University, "Resilience and Inclusive Politics in the Arab Region," Grant by Carnegie Corporation of New York, US.

2018-2019: PI, Lebanese American University, "Transitional Movements and Inclusionary State: Communitarian and Gender Policies," Grant by Carnegie Corporation of New York, US

Middle East Politics, Middle East IR, Political Philosophy, Global South, Intellectual History

Taught courses:

Middle East International Relations

Middle East Comparative Politics

Politics of the Global South

Islamist Politics

Sectarianism in the New Middle East

Sectarianism in Comparative Perspective

Political Theory & Society

Political Theory  & Modernity

The Arabs and Modernities


The Politics of Sectarianism in Postwar Lebanon (co-authored with Rabie Barakat, Jinan S. Al-Habbal, Lara W. Khattab, and Shoghig Mikaelian). London: Pluto Press, 2015.


Beyond the Arab Spring: Authoritarianism and Democratization in the Arab World (co-authored with Rex Brynen, Pete W. Moore, and Marie-Joëlle Zahar). Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2012.


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

"The Politics of Identity and Sectarianism," (co-authored with Fanar Haddad, Lisel Hintz, Rima Majed, Toby Matthiesen, and Alexandra Siegel) in Marc Lynch, Jillian Schwedler, and Sean Yom, eds., The Political Science of the Middle East: Theory and Research since the Arab Uprisings (New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming).


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

"Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will after the 17 October Protests in Lebanon," (co-authored with Ibrahim Halawi) Middle East Law and Governance 12, 3, (2020): 322-334.

"The American Maharajah and the Arab Foot-Students: Studying International Relations from the Arab World," International Studies Perspectives (2020): 8-10.

"Consociational Power-Sharing in the Arab World: A Critical Stocktaking," Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism 20, 2, (October 2020): 100-108.

"War Memory, Confessional Imaginaries, and Political Contestation in Postwar Lebanon," Middle East Critique 28, 3, (2019): 341-359.


"Taif and the Lebanese State: The Political Economy of a Very Sectarian Public Sector," Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 25, 1, (2019): 43–60.


"Overlapping Contests and Middle East International Relations: The Return of the Weak Arab State," PS: Political Science and Politics 50, 3, (July 2017): 660-663.


"Elite Strategies, Civil Society, and Sectarian Identities in Postwar Lebanon," (with Janine Clark) International Journal of Middle East Studies 45, 4, (November 2013): 731-749.


Tel: +974 40356896

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