Raja Bahlul
Professor, Head of Program

Philosophy Program  Chair at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, and Editor- in -Chief  of Tabayyun, for Philosophical Studies and Critical Theory, published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. He completed his undergraduate studies in Philosophy and English at the American University of Beirut, and his PhD  in Philosophy at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN., USA. He wrote a dissertation about Sameness, Similarity and the Identity of Indiscernibles.

Before joining the Doha Institute, Raja Bahlul taught Philosophy at several universities, including Yarmouk University (Jodan),  Indiana University-Purdue University (USA), Birzeit University (Palestine),  United Arab Emirates University (UAE),  and Qatar University (Qatar). He played an active part in developing the MA Program in Democracy and Human Rights at Birzeit University, and the PhD Program in Society, Language and Technology at United Arab University.

 His early work focused on Identity and Indiscernibility, with reference to contemporary discussions of Leibniz and Aristotle.  At a later stage he began to study Islamic Kalam and Philosophy (Free Will, Causality, and Universals). His interest in Islamic Philosophy expanded to include contemporary Islamic thought, with special reference to the impact of modernity on Arab-Islamic societies. His major interests  in contemporary Islamic Social and Political Thought include Constitutionalism,  Democracy, Secularism, Law, and Morality.  He has also published articles on Forgiveness, Forgiveness in Islamic thought, Action,  Emotion, and Intersubjectivity.

Currently he is working on the following subjects: Logical Behaviorism, Philosophy  of Daniel Dennet, the Cognitive Theory in Abu Bakr al-Razi's Ethics, and the Idea of Popular Sovereignty in al-Ghannushi's Thought.



BA, American University Beirut.

MA, Indiana University- Bloomington.

PhD, Indiana University- Bloomington.


Arabic (native),

English (near native),

German (Reading knowledge).

- Analytic Philosophy,

- Islamic Philosophy,

- Human Rights,

- Social and Political Philosophy

- Epistemology,

- Philosophy of Mind

- Democracy and Human Rights

- Political Philosophy

- Islamic Philosophy

- Philosophy of Social Science

Taught courses

- Problems of Knowledge and Reality (MA)

- Political Philosophy (MA)

- Theories of Human Rights (MA)

- Islam and Democracy (MA)

- Theories of Democracy (MA)

- Conceptual Foundations for Gulf Studies (PhD(

- Problems and Methods of Research (PhD)

- Theory and Practice of the University (PhD)

2019a: Action, Ontology, and Intersubjectivity. Beirut: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (Arabic).

2019b: "(Natural) Events and (Human) action: How Are We to Understand the Relation Between the Natural and the Social?" Tabayyun, 8 (30), 31-54 (Arabic)

2019c: "Divine vs Moral Law:  A Re-assessment of an Ash'arite-Mu'tazilite Debate,", in  Morality in Arab-Islamic Civilization, ed. Azmi Bisharah. Beirut: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (Arabic).

2018a: "Religion, Democracy and the Dawla Madaniyya of the Arab Spring",

Islam and Muslim Christian Relations,  29(3), 1-17.


2018b: "Justice and Mercy: Two Islamic Views on Divine Forgiveness," The Philosophy of Forgiveness: Forgiveness in World Religions, ed. Gregory L Bock. Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press.


2017.  The Discourse of Dignity and Human Rights. Beirut: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (Arabic).


2016a: "Freedom and Impediment to Action". Tabayyun, 5 (17), 7-37 (Arabic).


2016b: "Islamic Law and Legal Positivism".  Rivista di Filosofia del diritto  (Journal of Legal Philosophy),  5 (2), 245-266.


2016c: "Injustice as Injury, Forgiveness as Healing",  Explorations of Forgiveness: Personal, Relational, and Religious, ed. Court Lewis. Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press.


2014: "Emotion as Patheception'', Philosophical Explorations: an International Journal of Mind and Philosophy of Action, 17(2),1-19.


Email: raja.bahlul@dohainstitute.edu.qa 

Tel: +974 40356964

Mail Address

Raja Bahlul

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

School of Social Sciences and Humanities 

P.O.Box: 200592 

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