Mounir Kchaou

​Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Doha Institute for Graduates Studies. Before joining the Doha Institute he taught philosophy at University of Tunis from 2000 to 2020.  


Doctorate in Philosophy (University of Tunis)

Aggregation in Philosophy (University of Tunis)

Habilitation in Philosophy) University of Tunis)


Arabic, French and English

Moral Philosophy, Contemporary Theories of Justice, Theories of International Relations, Theories of Democracy, Theories of Democratic Transition, Development Issues, Human Rights.  

Selected Research Projects

- Edition of proceedings of the Conference organized by the Arabic Center for Research and Policy Studies branch of Tunis in December 2018 on "Religious Reform and Political Reform between Christian Democracy and Political Islam: Controversies and Comparisons"

- Coordination of the activities of the last year of the program Europe Muslim World Dialogue on Human Rights (with the participation of 4 Universities: Vechta/Germany; Tunis/Tunisia; Fez/ Morocco; Yogyakarta/Indonisia). Program funded by DAAD( German Academic Exchange Service) for 3 years 2018-2021.

- The writing of an article on "political system and representative democracy in a context of democratic transition" which will be the developed version of a conference to be delivered as part of the seminars on democratic transition organized by the ACRPS.

Issues of Development, Human Rights, Democracy and Democratic Transition. Applied Ethics Problems, Philosophy of Law, Theories of International Relations, Theories of Justice.  

Taught courses

-Problems of Liberty and Equality in Modern and Contemporary Western Philosophy ( Master of Philosophy at the Doha Institute)

-Civil Society in Comparative Approaches (Interdisciplinary Course at DI)

-The Theoretical and the Practical in Greek Philosophy ( Plato, Aristoteles and the Stoicism) (Master of Philosophy at DI)

-Modern State: Sovereignty and Legitimacy (Master of Philosophy at DI)

- The Definition of Law: legal positivism and its Critics (Master Philosophy of Values at the University of Tunis)

-Contemporary Philosophical Approaches to the Justice Issue (Master Philosophy of Values at the University of Tunis) 

-Paul Ricoeur and the Issues of Practical Philosophy (course delivered in French to Aggregation Students of École normale supérieure at University of Tunis)

-Contingency and Irony in Richard Rorty`s Philosophy from his Contingency, Irony and Solidarity (course delivered in Arabic to Philosophy Aggregation Students of École normale supérieure at University of Tunis)

- Virtue Ethics and Deontological Ethics (Course delivered in English to Master Business Ethics Students at University of Vechta)

- The Issue of Development: Some Philosophical and Theoretical Debates ( Course given in English in Philosophy Doctoral School Seminars at the University of Vechta) 

-2020, "The Culture of the National Liberation Movement and the Change towards Democracy: The Case of North Africa" in Philosophy and Social Criticism, Vol. 46, Issue 5, May 2020, p. 512-522

- 2019, (a), "Liberalism and the Theological-Political Predicament" in Albab, Issue 13 Spring, p. 46-89.

-2019,( b.) "On the Toleration Concept: the difficulty of Definition and the Changes in Reality" pub. In N. Ourimy  BouAjila (ed.) Tolerance in Arabic Culture: A Critical Study, Bayrout: Mominoon without Borders, vol.1 p. 11-45

- 2018, « Book`s Review of Justine Lacroix and Jean-Ives Pranchere, Le procès des droits de l`homme : généalogie du scepticisme contemporain » . In Tabayyun 22/ 7, Fall ,p. 143-148.

- 2017, (a.) 'Theory of Democracy between Representation, Political Participation and Public Deliberation: the Rawls / Habermas debate" in Albab, Issue 10,Winter ,p. 14-53.

-2017,( b.) " Violence, Modern State and Changing Societies" pub. In Violence and Politics in Contemporary Arabic Societies, Bayrout: ACRPS. p.  25-61

- 2017, (c.) Book`s Review of Scruton`s How to be a Conservative,  in Tabayyun, vol. 5, Issue 20, p. 135-144

-2016, (a) Book`s Review of Walzer`s The paradox of Liberation: Secular Revolutions and Religious Counterrevolutions, in Omran,  vol. 4 Issue 16, p. 5-22

- 2016, (b),  " Secularization of Ethics and the Emergence of Conscience: A Comparison between Arabic and Western Contexts" in Tabayyun, vol. 5 Issue 18,p. 7-20.

-2015, An Introduction for the Arabic Translation of Dworkin`s Taking Rights Seriously, Tunis: Sinatra, p. 5-32


Mail Address

Mounir Kchaou

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

School of Social Sciences and Humanities 

P.O.Box: 200592 

Doha, Qatar