The School employs a standardized structure for each Master's program, based on a 42 credit hour graduation requirement distributed among three main categories: 

​Program Structure

1. Program Requirements: Each program will require students to complete courses specific to the program of study and they are normally divided into the following categories: 

​A - Core Courses: Each program offers a number of compulsory, foundation courses to provide the student with a thorough grounding in the major subject of study. At least one of the courses addresses the theoretical and practical aspects of research methodologies in the chosen field of study.  Its aim is to build the student’s research skills and ability to design research projects including the design and submission of the thesis proposal. 

B - Program Electives: The program may offer a list of program electives of which students will choose a specific number depending on credit limits. ​

C- Specialized English Language Course: Each program offers a specialized English Language course to enhance students' academic writing skills in English in a specific field of study.

2. School Requirements:​ In order to further their inter/cross-disciplinary exposure, all SOSH students are expected to register for courses of the following nature: ​

A- Cross Disciplinary School Compulsory Course- 3 credits: All SOSH students must attend and successfully complete one school compulsory course; Issues in the Study of Social Sciences and Humanities. This course is offered at the School level as a cross-disciplinary introduction to the study of social sciences and humanities and is delivered as a series of lectures on selected topics by School and visiting professors. Please visit the “Interdisciplinarity at SOSH​” page for more details.

B- Interdisciplinary Courses – 6 credits: All students in SOSH must choose two interdisciplinary courses. These courses are normally offered by two or more programs in SOSH and faculty from different programs collaborate in delivering the lectures and seminars. Please visit the “Interdisciplinarity at SOSH​” page for more details regarding the interdisciplinary courses offered. ​

C- Non-restricted Elective – 3 credits: Students may choose one course of 3 credits from any program in any of the Schools/centers in the DI (including SEAPP, SPSW and CHS). Students, however, are also able to choose their non-restricted​ elective from the list of electives offered by their home program. Students are strongly advised to consult with their academic advisors before choosing their elective. 

​​3.  Dissertation- 6 credits: This segment of the degree program aims to enable students, through research and the writing and presentation of a thesis, to demonstrate their achievement of the objectives of their study over the two years of the program, in 12,000-18,000 words. 

The dissertation examination consists of two parts; a marked assessment of the dissertation by two examiners and an oral defense in front of an examination panel comprised of the same two examiners. ​​

Graduation Requirements: In order to successfully complete the program and graduate with a Masters in your chosen program, you must: 

1) Successfully complete all compulsory and elective credits at the School and Program levels

2) Successfully complete the school core compulsory course

3) Successfully complete the Specialized English Language Course

3) Submit and present a research dissertation approved by a School-appointed examining committee 

4) Fully reside and attend classes in the DI’s host city (Doha, Qatar) for no less than three semesters

5) ​Achieve English language proficiency level as set by DI 

​Please visit the program pages for specific program structures.  

​​The DI reserves the right to change the structure and content of its programs of study without prior notice.