Program Structure

1- Program Requirements

The program requires students to take eight core courses (24 credit hours in taught courses) as follows:

    1. A- Core Courses (24 credit hours):

    2. - MCSS613 Critical Security Studies.

    3. - MCSS614 Strategic Theories and Warfare.

    4. - MCSS615 Civil-Military Relations.

    5. - MCSS616 Environmental and Human Security.

    6. - MCSS617 Regional and International Security.

    7. - MCSS618 Armed Non-State Actors.

  • - MCSS612 Intelligence Studies.

    1. - MCSS611 Research Methods.

    1. B- Elective Courses (6 credit hours):

Students must choose two electives (totaling 6 credit hours) from courses offered by the program:

- MCSS620 Cyber Security.

- MCSS666 Battle Analysis: Combat Effectiveness and the Changing Character of War.

- MCSS625 Energy Security.

- MCSS633 Surveillance and Security Governance.

- MCSS630 Criminology and Local Security.

- MCSS621 Military History of the Gulf.

- MCSS634 Issues in Security and Strategic Military Studies.

C- Free Elective Courses (6 credit hours):

Students must choose two electives (totaling 6 credit hours) from courses offered by the schools in the DI.

2- Dissertation (6 credit hours)

Completion of the MCSS program entails researching and writing a dissertation (12,000-18,000 words) on a relevant topic in security, military and/or strategic studies. The dissertation is the opportunity for students to demonstrate the knowledge, and research capabilities acquired during the taught parts of the program.