Muhanad Seloom
Assistant Professor

Dr Muhanad Seloom is an Assistant Professor in Critical Security Studies at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter (UK). He obtained his doctorate degree in Ethno-Political Studies from the University of Exeter; his master's degree (MA) in Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice from Bangor University (UK), and his bachelor's degree (BA) from Al-Mustansiryah University in Baghdad, Iraq. Dr Seloom is specialised in government security policies, strategy and defence studies, intelligence studies, and anti-terror policies. His upcoming monograph to be published by Routledge is titled, "The Label Terrorist: Designation in Ethno-Nationalist Conflicts" (PKK case study).

Dr Seloom previously taught at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter (UK) (2018). He was the Director of the Iraqi Centre for Strategic Studies (2016-2018).

He is a regular contributor to media outlets including the BBC, Economist, Al-Jazeera, TRT, and others.

Research Interests: 

Government Security Policies,

Strategy and Defence Studies,

Intelligence Studies

Anti-Terror Policies and Legislations,

Ethnic and Sectarian Conflicts,

Islamist Movements and Ideologies,

Armed Groups (Islamist, Leftist, and separatist ethno-nationalist).

Teaching interests: 

- Strategy and Defence Studies

- Armed Non-state Actors

- Ethno/Sectarian Conflicts

- Terrorism Studies

- Politics of Middle East and North Africa.

- Security Sector Reform

Taught courses: 

- Strategic Theories and Warfare

- Armed Non-State Actors (Co-teaching with Dr Omar Ashour)

- Intelligence Studies

- Criminology and Local Security

- Military History of the Gulf

- The History and Political Development of Iraq.

- Armed Islamist Movements: Jihadism and Beyond

Books (Refereed):

Seloom, M. The Label Terrorist: Designation in Ethno-Nationalist Conflicts. (under review by Routledge).

Book Chapters (Refereed):

مهند سلوم، "آثار العولمة على الصراعات في العالم العربي"، في: إبراهيم فريحات، تحليل وتسوية النزاعات في العالم العربي (الدوحة: المركز العربي للأبحاث ودراسة السياسات، ٢٠٢١). قيد النشر

Articles (Refereed)

مهند سلوم، "أشرطة وباء كورونا: مقاربات مقارنة"، مجلة دراسات أمنية استراتيجية، العدد (الثالث) يناير ٢٠٢١. مجلة يصدرها 

مركز الدراسات الاستراتيجية الأمنية بوزارة الداخلية في دولة قطر

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7. "Trust in Police Community Support Officers: The views of Bangor students". British Society of Criminology. 8. 134-152. (2008)


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