Doha Institute for Graduate Studies offers a Master’s degree in History, as well as a PhD degree. The program focuses on the critical reading of History and training of students in rigorous and archival research that covers a wide aspect of sources. The program offers several courses that covers methodology, philosophy of history and a variety of topics related to the Arab, Islamic, and Mediterranean worlds including Europe. The courses focus on knowledge and cultural exchanges between the various worlds.

Our Mission

The History program at DI aims to prepare a new generation of Arab historians whose training is multidisciplinary with a focus on modern Arab history. The program analyzes Arab history within the larger Arab Mediterranean, African and the global context. It aims to provide students with a solid theoretical background in Arab historiography and Arab thought and train them in current research methodologies.


History Program Learning Outcomes:

1.  Articulate a broad and critical understanding of historical phenomena across local, regional, and international contexts, as well as the historical development of Arab societies and their representation in historical writing.

2.  Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the most important trends that have defined historical writing in the Arab world, and their methods and challenges in relation to the politico-cultural conditions of Arab countries.

3.  Develop historiographic arguments through critical analysis of primary sources and secondary literature related to the Arab world.  

4.  Apply cross-interdisciplinary and comparative tools to understand complex issues related to Arab communities, recognizing other fields of knowledge and historical experiences.

5.  Communicate historical research effectively through written and oral methods to disciplinary experts, academicians, and lay audiences demonstrating an ability to engage others in the field of study.  

6.   Apply basic principles of paleography to critically examine archival documents.

7.  Conduct historical research using a variety of methodologies and leveraging diverse digital tools, in accordance with the highest ethical standards, scientific integrity, and interpersonal collegiality.  

8.  Acquire functional competence in foreign languages, such as Turkish and Persian, along with the research languages of English and French, to undertake historical textual analysis associated with the Arab region.