The History program aims to create a new generation of Arab researchers in the field of Arab and Islamic History, to build on the experience accumulated by prominent professors in the field of historical studies from Arab and Western universities. This program makes recourse to a multiplicity of new western theories in the field of historical research. The program aims to fathom the depths of the history of economic, political, social and intellectual structures in Arab countries, while revisiting historical events with the goal of reinterpretation based on new research methodologies.  The program accords particular importance to the study of Arab history within the various regional and international processes. It also seeks to step into new territory in offering the study of current or immediate history. In all it proposes to do, the program aims to impress on students the necessity of diversifying news sources through exposure to various Arabic and western archives. This exposure to the history of structures and relational history will familiarize students with modern schools of history and will enable them to write Arab history in a new manner, which contributes to overcoming tradition and focusing on new methodological frameworks.