Ayman A. El-Desouky
Associate Professor and Head of Program

​​Ayman A El-Desouky is an Associate Professor and the Head of Program of Modern Arabic and Comparative Literature. He studied English and Comparative Literature at the American University in Cairo and the University of Texas in Austin. El-Desouky has been lecturing in Arabic and Comparative Literature since 2002 and was the Founding Chair of the Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies at CCLPS from 2009-2012 as well as being co-founder of a pioneering program in Global English Literary Studies (launched in 2014) at SOAS, the University of London. In 1993 to 1995, he lectured on World Literature and American Literature at the University of Texas in Austin and from 1995 to 1996, he lectured on Arabic Language and Literature at Johns Hopkins University, where he also founded a new program in Arabic Language and Literature there and at Harvard University (1996-2002). El-Desouky is a member of the Modern Language Association (MLA), the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA), the Middle Eastern Studies Association of North America (MESA) and the British Comparative Literature Association (BCLA) and has lectured widely on Hermeneutics, Comparative Literature and Literary Theory in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. 

His most recent publications include: "The Intellectual and the People in Egyptian Literature and Culture: Amāra and the 2011 Revolution" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014); "Between Hermeneutic Provenance and Textuality: The Qur'an and the Question of Method in Approaches to World Literature", Journal of Qur'anic Studies, 16.3 (2014); "Beyond Spatiality: Theorizing the Local and Untranslatability as Comparative Critical Method", in Joachim Küpper, ed., "Approaches to World Literature", Volume 1 WeltLiteraturen/World Literatures Series (Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2013); "Heterologies of Revolutionary Action: On Historical Consciousness and the Sacred in Mahfouz's "Children of the Alley", Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 47.4 (September 2011) and "Ego Eimi: Kerygma or Existential Metaphor? Frye, Bultmann and the Problem of Demythologizing", Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée, 34.2 (June 2007). He is currently preparing a long monograph on "Figuring the Sacred in the Modern Arabic Novel" for Edinburgh University Press.


- BA, English and Comparative Literature, The American University in Cairo, Egypt.

- MA, PhD, Comparative Literature (Arabic, Irish and American; Modern Philosophy and Literary Theory), The University of Texas at Austin, USA.


 Arabic, English, French.

​​Research Interests:

 Arabic and Comparative Literature, Postcolonial Studies, Cultural Studies, Translation Studies, Literary Theory, Modern Philosophy, Hermeneutics.​

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