I am honoured to welcome you to the MSc in Critical Security Studies Program (MCSS). As the first graduate Critical Security Studies program in Qatar and the Arab World, this program contributes directly to the formation of a new generation of qualified scholars, professional leaders, and practitioners in the field of Security Studies.

The MCSS is designed to address the need for current and future strategic security thinkers in Qatar and the rest of the Arab World. Each course of the MCSS program aims to develop the students’ abilities to explore and exploit the knowledge and insights gained about security environments. This will be delivered through a range of teaching methods. In addition, the goal of the program is to be a research-focused, diversity-infused master’s program that emphasizes critical approaches to Security Studies. Finally, the MCSS aim to serve the community by providing different issue-areas of specialization for you – ranging from counterterrorism to environmental and human security – in the hope that you would be in positions to “give back” through research, intellectual advancement, employment and civic engagement.

As a research and teaching program with a focus on both the theoretical and empirical dimensions of Security Studies, the MCSS program will provide a rich scholarly environment for you. Critical Security Studies require a concerted effort between students and faculty who engage in vigorous research about what constitutes security within different contexts, as well as a strong aspiration to learn from one another’s experiences and expertise, in order to best apply their training toward effective and positive change in the world.

To that end, it is a great honour and privilege to be the first head of the first program of its kind in Qatar and the region; a program that provides excellent learning experiences and leadership opportunities for a diverse student body by an outstanding faculty and staff.

Again, welcome aboard. It is a pleasure and an honour to work with you.

Dr.Omar Ashour, Head of the MCSS Program