The MCSS program consists of four semesters offered over a span of two years. A minimum of 42 credits, including the successful completion and oral defense of a Master's Dissertation (6 credit hours) are required for a Master's degree in Critical Security Studies. The course list below presents the core and elective (or special topics) courses.

1.       Program Requirements (24 credits)

The program requires students to take eight core courses (24 credit hours in taught courses) as follows:

    1. Core Courses
  1. MCSS 601 – Critical Security Studies (3 credit hours).
  2. MCSS 602 – Strategic Theories and Warfare (3 credit hours).
  3. MCSS 603 – Civil-Military Relations (3 credit hours).
  4. MCSS 604 – Environmental and Human Security (3 credit hours).
  5. MCSS 605 – Regional and International Security (3 credit hours)
  6. MCSS 606 – Armed Non-State Actors (3 credit hours)
  7. MCSS 610 – Undersanding Conflict (3 credit hours)
  8. MCSS 615 – Research Methods (3 credit hours)

    1. Program Electives

Students must choose four electives (totaling 12 credit hours) from courses offered by other schools and centres in the DI such as Centre of Conflict Management and Humanitarian Studies, the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, School of Public Administration and Development Economic and the School of Psychology and Social Work.

2.       MCSS 699: The Dissertation (6 credits)

Completion of the MCSS program entails researching and writing a dissertation (12,000-18,000 words) on a relevant topic in security, military and/or strategic studies. The dissertation is the opportunity for students to demonstrate the knowledge, and research capabilities acquired during the taught parts of the program.


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