In line with the DI's vision of promoting the status of Arabic as an international language of study and research, and cognizant of the fact that not all university graduates in the Arab world can use academic Arabic proficiently at the graduate level, the LC will offer the DI students advanced specialized training in academic Arabic for their respective disciplines.

First year students take a diagnostic test to identify their needs and the type of training they need during their study period at DI.

​This is the first test of its kind in Arab educational institutions. It was developed through collecting samples of the master's students' writings in the various disciplines, and extracting the types of errors and problems  which students face in expressing their ideas. Through a set of exercises, the diagnostic test measures students' proficiency in academic Arabic, through using syntax, sentence structure, paragraph and coherence, punctuation, text structure and consistency, relationship of meaning and context, ability to present and support opinions, analysis, effective persuasion and citation as indicators of proficiency.

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