The EEEC relies on contractual training which focuses on an understanding of client needs, and designs programs to meet those needs in partnership with the contracting body. In this way, the program reflects the topics required or the skills to be developed.

The following certificates are awarded:

Training certificate in management leadership 

Designed for top-tier leaders in government ministries and agencies, this certificate aims to hone management skills in general and leadership skills in particular by an integrated series of ten training programs over the course of one year.

Advanced certificate in executive leadership

To develop executive leadership skills for senior staff earmarked as potential future leaders by their organizations. This integrated series of training workshops cover advanced topics in public administration and leadership in 27 hours of training. This certificate was designed as the link enabling participants with a university degree to enroll in the Executive Master in Public Administration. Those who wish to do so must complete the academic component of four courses as well as the practical aspects of the subjects addressed.

Students in the Master’s program are excused 12 credit hours obtained from the Advanced Certificate in Executive Leadership. The School of Public Administration and Development Economics awards the Advanced Certificate once the program tracks have been completed.

Internationally accredited certificates in specific specializations

These certificates provide students with a professional qualification accredited by international bodies by offering a series of training workshops in specific fields such as human resources, public relations, services marketing, healthcare management, and economic feasibility studies for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Training Programs 

These Programs are designed to improve administrative and technical skills targeting groups and individuals. They are offered at all levels to satisfy different training needs and to participate in a part of human development as well as community service in Qatar.