Excellence Center for Training and Consulting

At the Excellence Center for Training and Consulting, we are looking to utilize various tools and sustainable services chosen based on training and consultancy related programs.

The Excellence Center was founded in 2015 in accordance with Qatar National Vision 2030. It was founded under the umbrella of Doha Institute for Graduate Studies as an experience hub of training and consultancy services and to adapt to the needs of Qatari organizations and institutes. Our target is to provide distinct training services and to build communication bridges between the trainees and the different disciplines in a unique environment.

One of the incentives that led to the foundation of the center was the need to link training and qualification programs to the national vision in the training and consultancy field, and to guarantee that the center's outcome will align with the general national and sustainable development needs.

In this scope, we are working on creating various training programs that set ambitious objectives for the development of Qatar's different sectors. The center is also working towards developing capabilities specialized in various qualification programs, prioritizing the governmental sector workforce as we believe that creating a successful training workforce will play a significant role in driving Qatar's economic growth forward.

Our interest in executing training and consultancy programs is moved by our ambition to achieve higher levels of integration between national corporations and entities within the State of Qatar and to promote human development and well-being.