Seminars and Conferences

It is our interest to annually execute a series of seminars and conventions in various disciplines locally and globally. We also participate with Qatari institutes in national events both in and outside of Qatar, in an aim to achieve a set of strategic goals that make Qatar an example to follow in service development and consultancy.​

We are the only center in Qatar that utilize evidence-based training methods

Our training method is based on distributing "planning booklets" to trainees. Each booklet represents a complete project in which scientific information is presented. Trainees have the opportunity to read this information before participating with the team. This method can be described as a "workshop map", and has many advantages. These include that it:

● Saves time

● Identifies targeted results before starting

● Informs all team members of training steps

● Provides a timetable that defines how to move from one step to another

● Provides training tools that depend on the reality of work performance

This type of training comprises:

● Simulation Guide

● Documentaries

● Flexible demonstration programs

● Indicative applications

● Collaborating work folder

● Forms of preparing a training project

● Drawing exercises

● Scatter papers exercises

● Self-tests

● Various metrics

● Techniques for identifying potential energy

● Three-dimensional pyramid of mental identity

● The Chinese Circle

● Moving Pen.