The essence of the doctoral studies at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies coincides with the DI mission in that it revolves around knowledge production in the humanities and social and administrative sciences, with Arabic as the primary vehicle in this endeavor, but without neglecting the role of other languages in pursuing this goal. In addition, the program aims at training generations of Qatari, Arab, and other students in the above fields to pursue further studies and/or to partake in the development of their own societies in their fields of expertise. In fact, it produces graduates at the highest point in the qualifications ladder while, at the same time, enhancing the DI's capacity in Arab contribution to knowledge production. 

The program, which is the most extensive of its kind in the Gulf region, is embedded in an institute that is totally dedicated to the humanities and social and administrative sciences – a fact that gives the program a sense of focus in identity terms and in resource provision. This sense of focus will be enhanced by the fact that the DI is totally dedicated to graduate studies, this being a unique feature in the Gulf and Arab education sectors.