I am very pleased to welcome you to the newly launched Ph.D. program in humanities and social and administrative sciences at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. I highly appreciate your interest in joining our doctoral studies, which will provide you with a unique, fulfilling and worthwhile scholarly experience at the highest level.

The DI is among the top graduate academic institutions in the Arab Middle East, and our faculty members have some of the strongest scholarly backgrounds and research expertise in their respective fields. Our DI community prides itself in having a vibrant and innovative cross-disciplinary approach that guarantees an invigorating research environment. 

We hope you will join our doctoral program to benefit from such an environment and to be equipped with the critical and intellectual skills that will broaden your knowledge and prepare you for highly rewarding research and academic careers. I trust that your joining our program will contribute to the richness of our research community at the DI.

My Board of Doctoral Studies colleagues and I, along with DI administration, faculty and staff, welcome you and wish you great success as you embark on this interesting and worthwhile journey.



Mohammed el-Nawawy, Ph.D.

Director, The Board of Doctoral Studies