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Dr Abdelwahab El Affendi

Welcome from the President

It is my pleasure to convey the news of the successful completion of the International Quality Review (IQR) by the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) and receiving full institutional accreditation from the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) in February 2023. On this occasion, I offer congratulations to DI’s Community including our faculty, students, staff as well as our alumni, stakeholders and partners inside and outside Qatar. This achievement increases in significance given that seven of DI’s programs have already obtained separate international accreditation, while seven others have just passed the last hurdle towards obtaining accreditation. This is a source of pride for our Institute, whose members have worked tirelessly to reach this goal.

This record of achievements enabled DI to gain international recognition and regional distinction as a leading Arab institution of higher learning. It is also the embodiment its guiding vision, "Promoting global excellence in the Arab world, and showcasing Arab excellence internationally." DI cooperates closely with academic institutions in Qatar and the Arab world to meet the highest standards in teaching, learning and research, enabling Arab scholars to make their mark globally as original contributors to knowledge production, benefiting the region and whole world. The Institute’s international esteem is further underlined and enhanced by its many partnerships with leading universities internationally and regionally. Many of its graduates have already enrolled in (or graduated from) doctoral programs at leading universities around the world.

This success was due in no small part to DI's distinctive vision, striving as it does to provide a unique arena for advancing the humanities and the social and administrative sciences. This effort was enhanced by competitively attracting highly qualified professors and administrators from all over the world, with a firm commitment to the DI vision of excellence and service. On this basis, students from Qatar and all over the Arab world are provided with an ideal environment conducive to acquiring knowledge in accordance with the best international standards, helped by experienced professors with high ambitions and a proven track of excellence.

DI is focused on building on the cumulative achievements of contemporary human knowledge, while adopting a critical approach towards the products of modern science, while striving to promote original contributions that enrich and develop this knowledge. Thus our goal is to achieve parity in knowledge production with relevance to our reality, culture and language. Here, our strategic alliance with Arab Center for Research and Policy, along with The Doha Historical Arabic Dictionary, is vital. Arabic Language is primary language of instruction, without neglecting other leading languages, in particular English. DI is committed to the indigenization of scientific knowledge, together with the development and revitalization of the Arabic Language as a teaching and learning tool, and sees these as key to the Arab renaissance. Our partnership with the Arab Center aims to simulate research, organize Academic forums and contribute to the different fields of humanities and social sciences.

DI is also keen to offer disciplines with practical dimensions, such as clinical psychology, social work, conflict studies, humanitarian work and journalism, where practical training is an integral part of the study programs. It is the same with public administration, public policy and development economics, where courses include practical training. DI has also launched a number of executive programs in the fields of public administration and diplomacy, as well as the EMBA/EMPA Dual Degree master’s in business and public administration, in partnership with the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin. Practical training contributes to strengthening DI's ties with the wider Qatari community and provides a valuable community service, another central goal of the Institute.

Welcome to all, and we look forward to welcoming a new cohort of master's and doctoral students for the year 2023-2044, with our best wishes for success.

I also take this occasion to thank the State of Qatar and its people for the vital support this project continues to receive. The success of an endeavour of such a reach and ambition cannot be assured merely by the mere provision of structures and financial support, vital as that may be. A conducive atmosphere is also essential for this edifice to flourish. This is what Qatar has offered by adopting a proactive policy of cultivating learning and scientific progress. The success of the Institute is another remarkable Qatari achievement, enhancing its status as a leading home for the advancement of learning and education.

    Dr Abdelwahab El Affendi

    President and Provost

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