Untitled.jpg Welcome to the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, a new institution of higher education whose aim is to foster the highest standards in graduate teaching and research in the humanities, social sciences, public administration and development economics. The DI is wholly dedicated to graduate studies, making it unique among institutes of higher education in the Arab world.

Bringing together first class scholars from Australian, European and North American universities, most of whom are of Arab descent, together with leading scholars from Arab universities we aim to build an academic environment in which these scholars will work with selected students from Qatar and the rest of the Arab world to achieve excellence in every area of the DI's work. Our small staff-student ratios will facilitate intense interaction of students with faculty, promote peer learning, nurture intellectual curiosity and underpin critical awareness to form a community of practice that is rooted in its native soil while interacting confidently with global knowledge.

To give expression to this vision, Arabic will serve as the primary instrument of teaching and research at DI without, however, neglecting other languages as important partners. We also seek, through our core compulsory courses, to provide students with cross-disciplinary perspectives by engaging some of the most significant debates in the humanities and social sciences throughout history. Knowledge of these debates forms part of the infrastructure of human knowledge and the attendant intellectual literacy that emerging Arab scholars must have to become competent academic citizens of the world.

At the DI, we firmly believe in the necessity of combining theory with practice and service to the community. As a socially responsible institution, we consider local capacity building to be an important part of our contribution to society. Our faculty therefore seek to engage both the government and voluntary sectors with programs that serve their needs while our students will be able to augment their theoretical knowledge with practice-oriented experience by taking advantage of the unrivalled opportunities offered in two of our sister institutions: the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Historical Dictionary of Arabic.

It is a great honor and privilege to be the first President of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. I have observed the work that has been selflessly done by so many colleagues to build this institution from scratch and am fully aware of the weight of responsibility that has been placed on my shoulders. It will therefore be my duty during the next few years to dedicate myself to the service of our DI community: faculty, staff and students.

Yasir Suleiman Malley

President and Provost