Faculty, staff and students are committed to the DI mission, with an invested interest in developing the establishment of a new institution of higher education in the Arab world.

Faculty Profile

As a research-intensive institution, the DI sought faculty with substantial research accomplishments and evidence of promising research agendas. In addition, the research and teaching endeavors of DI faculty primarily focus on the Arab world and the region as a whole whereby faculty are committed to establishing and sustaining a vibrant academic community in the Arab region. In line with the DI's mission, faculty members conduct research as well as instruct courses in both Arabic and other languages relevant for research and instruction.  

Staff Profile

The DI attaches great importance to the quality of its staff, who provide the infrastructure upon which teaching, learning and research can succeed. Staff members demonstrate strong proficiency in their fields as well as an appreciation of how their work contributes to the academic needs of the DI.  This ensures synergy between members of the DI community and furthers the capability of the DI to fulfil its ambitious aims.  

Student Profile

Spanning the Arab region and beyond, DI students possess strong academic qualifications and a commitment to their communities. In line with the DI's vision for academic excellence, the student body is comprised of motivated future intellectuals interested in pursuing careers in the fields of social sciences, humanities, public administration and development economics. In order to fully benefit from the DI, students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in both Arabic and English.​